Development and activity

The seat of ACM is in Zagreb, the capital of the Republic of Croatia.

In history of automotive sport, the city of Zagreb has a distinguished place. Already by the end of the 19th century, the first automobile arrived to Croatia, and in 1901, the Zagreb citizen Ferdinand Budicki bought and brought there the first automobile. Only 5 years later, the first "Automobile Club" was established in Zagreb. Automotive sport and automotive industry were developing in Croatia concurrently with European trends, and it was exactly in Zagreb that legal predecessors of ACM were founded - the then companies AUTOCENTAR and MERKUR, with AUTOCENTAR being the only company from the automotive branch in Croatia. Those two companies were merged in 1978, and the current abbreviated name "ACM" dates from that time.

During 60 years of work, ACM asserted itself as one of the oldest and most renowned companies in Croatia with orientation on the markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and other countries from the territory of the former USSR, and also of EU countries, USA and Africa.

Today, ACM is organized as a joint-stock company, and the basic company activities are:

  • wholesale and mediation in trade;
  • representing and exclusive distribution of domestic companies abroad;
  • consulting services in the home and foreign market;
  • mediation in international operations;
  • elaboration and managing of investment projects in the country and abroad and providing of construction, designing and supervision services;
  • renting its own real estate for business and storage purposes;
  • transport of goods by river in domestic and international traffic.

We are sure that, with our experience, infrastructure, the network of business partners, and very good relationships with competent ministries and public institutions, long-year trust of our partners, we can ensure a good quality and safe marketing of your products and services.

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