Shipbuilding, ship equipment and overhaul

As part of its branch office in Moscow, JSC ACM has a department for representation of the Croatian shipyards and marine equipment manufacturers on the markets of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former Soviet Union. Through it, we represent renowned Croatian shipyards and manufacturers of marine equipment.


Our shipyards with long tradition of delivery a variety of ships, which were built and are built by their own projects on the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries of the former Soviet Union, can offer designing the construction of the following types of naval and river boats:

• Tankers to transport oil, oil products and chemicals
• Bulk carriers
• Ro-Ro vessels for transporting wagons and cars
• Ro-Pax vessels
• Passenger ferries for transporting passengers or passengers and cars
• Catamaran crane ships
• Container ships
• Floating docks
• Sport boats
• Fishing boats
• Aluminum boats
• Patrol boats
• Fishing vessels
• Cruisers
• Research vessels
• Barges
• Ferries
• Cutter Suction Dredgers of type TSHD and CSD
• Reefer ships
• Livestock carrying vessels
• Vessels for supplying platforms and other marine facilities
• Tugs and pushers
• Cement carrying vessels
• Yachts

Ship overhaul

Except the construction of ships, shipyards can also offer:

• Overhaul of all types of ships (it is possible to repair even vessels the size of Aframax and Suezmax up to 160,000 tons dwt),
• Modifications (Ro-Ro vessels to cable layers, supplier vessels to pipe layers, train ferry to floating process unit, etc.)
• Modernization of vessels

Ship equipment

JSC ACM advocates and collaborates with a large number of reputable manufacturers of marine equipment. Given their experience and wide range of products, we can respond quickly to all inquiries for ship equipment needs:


• Main and emergency switchboards
• Navigation and command consoles
• Diesel engines – main and auxiliary
• Emergency diesel engines
• Diesel generators (power plants)
• Emergency gen-sets
• Ship cranes for engine room
• Air-conditioning and ventilation
• Marine boilers
• Fans

• Heat exchangers
• Cooling devices
• Axial and centrifugal vents, standard and with anti-explosion protection
• Ventilation houses with installed vents
• Equipment for cooling and air-conditioning
• Ships armature
• Paints, varnishes and coatings
• Centrifugal pumps
• Pumps for shipbuilding industry


• Ship cranes for various purposes - cargo, deck, engine room
• Passenger boarding bridges
• Rescue equipment, boats and rafts
• Hydraulic flexible hoses
• Marine sanitary cabins
• Fire detection equipment

• Elevators
• Hatch covers and coamings
• Ro-Ro equipment
• Ship accommodation ladders
• Marine paints
• Motors for capstan, winches and ship cranes
• Deck cargo heaters


• Waste compactor
• Ship windows and portholes
• Doors klass A and B
• Sanitary modules and cabins
• Ceilings and panels

• Furniture for interior and exterior
• Fire resistant doors
• Soundproof doors
• Fire detection and alarm systems
• Various types of cabinets


• Voltage equipment
• Emergency switchgear
• Main switchgear
• Control panels
• Transformers
• Various electrical equipment
• Regulator of voltage generator
• Switchboards

• Various cables
• Rectifiers - storage battery chargers
• Control and communication devices: signalization, navigation, automation and monitoring, control panels, switching equipment, switchgear, pressure regulators
• Electronic units for monitoring and control of the gen-sets as a power source
• Control consoles


• Various marine pumps
• Centrifugal pumps
• Cargo and ballast pumps
• Filters/purifier pumps
• Pressure gauges
• Marine sewage treatment plants
• Separators
• Ships armature

• Sanitary water treatment modules
• Sanitary devices for purifying water
• Apparatus for purifying water with contaminated petroleum products
• Steam turbines up to 2 000 kW
• Valves
• Gate valves
• Fire systems


• Lids for ice breakers
• Pilot's stairs – Jacob's ladder
• Safety nets
• Woven fenders
• Slings
• Pipes

• Valves
• Fire extinguishing systems and fire signalization
• Ermetto joints
• Pressure equipment
• Different types of bellows
• Thermal equipment


JSC ACM represents the interests of Brodarski Institute LLC on the above-mentioned markets which offers the following services:
• Design in shipbuilding and professional supervision of shipbuilding
• Testing vessels in pools
• Coast and marine technology
• Research and development in technical and technological sciences

JSC ACM has developed business relations with the Russian company JSC "OBJEDINJONAJA SUDOSTROITELJNAJA KORPORACIJA" (hereinafter: OSK), with shipyards, which are a part of OSK, the firm's daughter FGUP "Sudoexport" which is primarily engaged in foreign trade activities for members OSK, as well as other Russian shipyards not in its composition.
JSC ACM works with shipyards and all relevant institutes and construction bureaus in Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.

From the Russian shipyards we are naming some of the leading buyers of Croatian marine equipment:

• JSC "Admiraltejskije verfi"
• JSC "Pribaltijskij Sudostroiteljnij zavod „Jantarj“
• JSC "Sudostroiteljnij zavod "Severnaja verfj“
• JSC "Viborgskij Sudostroiteljnij zavod"
• JSC "Sevmašpredprijatije"
• JSC "Baltijskij zavod“
• JSC "Nevsky Zavod"
• JSC "Lotos Zavod"
• JSC "Okskaya Sudoverf"

We work on new building projects with leading ship owners and shipyards in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former Soviet Union such as:

• JSC „Sovkomflot“ (JSC „Novoship“)
• JSC „Primorsk shipping company“
• JSC „Far east shipping company“
• JSC „Northern shipping company“
• JSC „Sahalin shipping company“
• „Gazflot“ LLC
• JSC „Rosnefteflot“
• Shipyard of brothers Nobel LTD
• Group of companies „Euroyachting Rubinsk shipyard“
• JSC Yaroslavsky shipbuilding plant
• JSC Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard
• JSC Okskaya Shipyard
• Shimorskoe shipyard LLC
• JSC „Zelenodolsk shipyard named after A.M.Gorky“
• JSC „Volgograd Shipbuilding Plant“
• JSC „Shipbuilding plant Red Barricades“
• „Astrakhan shipbuilding cluster“ LLC was formed from the largest astrakhan shipyards - SP JSC „Astrakhansky Korabel“, JSC „Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing plant n.a. III International“ and JSC „Lotos“
• CJSC „Shipbuilding plant named after Lenin“
• JSC „Zvezdochka“
• JSC „ZNT yard“
• FGU „Gidrometflot“ (Ministry of Nature RF)
• Federal Agency of Russian Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot)
• JSC „Lukoil“
• Ministry (agency) of fishing
• FGUP „Rosmorport“
• JSC Murmansk sailing
• State corporation „Rosatom„
• Ekohidrotehnika LLC
• Azerbaijan State Shipping Company

ACM - A representative and consultant to the Croatian shipyards and marine equipment manufacturers
ACM is a reliable partner to Croatian shipyards and marine equipment manufacturers as well as our partners in abroad. Croatian specialists are working in all stages of design and supervision of construction and repair of all types of ships, offshore installations, preparation of commercial and technical offers, contracting, certification, delivery, installation and subsequent warranty and out of warranty maintenance and repair of ships.

We provide consulting services and connect partners from Croatia and Russia in the transfer of technology, know-how, sales of technical documentation, and establishing joint venture companies.

We provide support and advise our ending consignees of equipment and ships in securing funding through the Croatian export bank HBOR.    


ACM Shipbuilding and ship overhaul                                  ACM Ship equipment

For all inquiries and additional information, please contact the following contacts:

•    JSC ACM
        Marticheva 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
        Telephone:  + 385 1 4596 555
        Fax:            + 385 1 4596 646

•    J.E.K. LLC
        Josip Eterovich, direktor
        Starchevicheva 24A, 21000 Split, Croatia
        Tel. / Fax:  + 385 1 484 445
        Cell:          + 385 98 954 86 70
        Cell in RF: +7 926 780 5344

•    Offices of JSC ACM in Moscow
        Valerij Babkin, Deputy Director-Chief Engineer
        Gruzinskij pereulok, house 3, apartment 221/222, 123056 Moscow,
        Russian Federation
        Telephone: +7 499 2542 190
        Fax:            +7 499 2544 190

•    Offices of JSC ACM in Saint Petersburg
        Yury Gusev, Manager on marine technology
        Cell:           +7 965 0417966
        Telephone: +7 812 3132498
        Fax:            +7 812 3132498
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