Development and activity

During 60 years of work, ACM asserted itself as one of the oldest and most renowned companies in Croatia with orientation on the markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and other countries from the territory of the former USSR, and also of EU countries, USA and Africa.

Company structure

Today, ACM is organized as a business group of several trade and servicing companies in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, with branch offices in Moscow, Kiev and Minsk.

Management board

  • Hrvoje Sremić – Director


Supervisory board

  • Franjo Sremić – Chairman of Supervisory Board;
  • Domagoj Oreb – Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Board;
  • Nataša Pintarić – member of Supervisory Board.


As the auditor for the business year 2014., the shareholders Assembly appointed the auditing company Revidab d.o.o. za reviziju, računovodstvo i poslovno savjetovanje, Banjavčićeva 11, Zagreb
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