Energetics and electrotransport

Company Autocentar-Merkur represents different companies of the Končar Group on the market of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of the former Soviet Union.
We have an opportunity to make suggestions and product-placement to the next power-generating equipment:


Hydropower plants
Turnkey Projects:
• overall electrical plant (generators, switchyards, local consumption, etc.)
• computer control systems for: generating set, switchyards, dam, and overall
• computer control for system of hydropower plants on the same river
In consortium with a known turbine partner, we supply complete electromechanical parts of hydropower plant on turn-key basis.

Supply of transformer substations on turnkey base:
• power transmission, voltage up to 420kV
• power distribution:
  - outdoors
  - GIS
  - concrete, brick built, etc.
  - pole
• for railways
• mine substations

Thermal power plants
Supply of electrical equipment, assemblies and systems:
• switchyard
• generator with excitation system, monitoring and control board
• local consumption supply system

Pumping stations
Supply of electrical equipment:
• motors and drives
• electrical power supply system


Generators and motors

Synchronous machines
• waterwheel generators up to 300 MVA(including bulb-type generators up to 50 MVA)
• steam and gas turbine generators up to 600 MVA
• stationary Diesel generators up to do 50 MVA
• synchronous motors up to 10 MVA

Induction machines
• low- and high-voltage squirrel-cage and slip-ring motors up to 10 MW
• explosion-proof motors up to 10 MW
• special motors (for elevators, cranes, excavators, compressors, mud pumps, roller drives)
• induction generators up to 10 MW

Direct current machines
• motors and generators up to400 kW (including special purpose machines)

Excitation systems and voltage regulators for synchronous generators
• excitation transformer
• thyristor converter ( in 6-pulse bridge connection; naturally or forced air cooled; in n+1 or 1+1configurations)
• digital multi-parameter voltage regulator
• de-excitation circuit
• electric braking equipment

Metal structures
• welded generator and
• high voltage electrical motor components
• isolated phase bus bars
• rotor wheel

Medium electric machines
• low voltage synchronous machines: brushless synchronous generators, two- and four-poles, output up to 1250 kVA, generators for small hydropower plants, output up to 1250 kVA;marine application generators PTO generators up to 100 kW
• generating sets up to 1250 kVA
• marine generating sets

Small electric machines
• three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors up to 90 kW
• single-phase induction motors up to 4 kW
• induction motors with built in fail-safe electromagnetic brake
• three-phase squirrel-cage explosion proof induction motors (certified according to the most recent ATEX standards)
• brushless AC servo motors
• drip-proof electric motors
• drives and drive components (gearboxes and frequency inverters combined with standard
• motors)

Power transformers
• generator power transformers up to 800 MVA, voltage up to 420 kV
• transmission transformers and autotransformers with rating up to 600 MVA, voltage up to 420 kV
• transmission and distribution transformers with rating up to 2.5 to 100 MVA, voltage up to 170 kV

Distribution transformers
• oil-immersed transformers, rated powers up to 2500 kVA and voltages up to 36 kV
• dry-type transformers, rated powers up to 5000 kVA and voltages up to 24 kV

Special transformers
• transformers for railways
• traction transformers (locomotive transformers)
• furnace transformers
• rectifier transformers
• earthing transformers
• transformers and transformer substations for mines

Instrument transformers
• high voltage: oil-immersed up to Um 765 kV (current, voltage-inductor, voltage-capacitor, combined)
• gas SF6 insulated for mounting in GIS up to 145 kV (current and voltage)
• medium voltage (up to Um 40,5 kV): oil-immersed (current and voltage); epoxy resin cast (current and voltage)
• low voltage, epoxy resin cast up to 1 kV
• special (test transformers, special requirement voltage and current transformers)


High voltage apparatus and switchgear
• metal-clad SF6 insulated switchgears 72.5 - 145 kV
• high voltage circuit-breakers 72.5 - 420 kV
• high voltage disconnectors and earthing switches 72.5 - 550 kV
• composite post insulators, bushings and long rod insulators 12 - 550 kV

Medium voltage apparatus and switchgear
• integrated switchgear SF 6 isolated (7.2 - 38 kV)
• Ring Main Units (12 - 24 kV)
• switchgear assemblies
• vacuum, oil-immersed and combined circuit breakers (7.2 - 38 kV)
• vacuum contactors ( 7.2 kV )
• disconnector switches (12 - 24 kV)
• disconnectors (12 - 38 kV)
• earthing devices (12 - 38 kV)
• operating mechanisms for circuit breakers and disconnector switches
• insulators (12 - 38 kV) - post, bus-duct and bushing-type
• switchgear with earthing resistors
• earthing resistors

Low voltage devices and assemblies
• rotary cam switches (current ranging from 10 to 1200 A)
• molded-case circuit breakers up to 1250 A
• contactors and overload relays and other control and protection
• components
• manual motor starters
• fuses and fuse devices
• control and signal devices
• line-up terminals
• spacing insulators
• transformer accessories
• control panels, cubicles and desks


• general purpose electrical locomotives
• electromotor trains (city and intercity)
• shunting locomotives
• industrial locomotives
• mine locomotives
• DC operated tramcars
• low floor tramcars with asynchronous induction drives

Vehicle equipment
• DC traction motors
• induction traction motors
• locomotive transformers
• main drive rectifiers
• multi-system voltage converters for train cars
• induction tramcar drive converters
• computer control units for locomotives
• computer control units for tramcars

Power supply plants 
• electric traction substations
• rectifier stations
• sectioning plants
• reactive power compensation plants

Railway tracks and stations equipment 
• turnout heating devices
• coach pre-heating devices
• signal and safety devices

Modernization, refurbishment and maintenance
• own and other manufacturers' vehicles


Microcomputer Control Devices:
• generator excitation systems
• locomotive
• tramcar
• multi-system converters

Remote Control Units:
• for power generation, transmission and distribution remote control

Devices and Systems for Electrical Values Measuring

Microcomputer Protection and Control Devices

Personal and Portable Computers

Uninterruptible Power Supply Devices and Systems:
• for computer systems
• for protection and control systems

Communication Devices:
• remote control systems in power transmission and distribution systems
• for business information systems

SCADA Systems, Dispatcher Centres and Local and Remote Control Systems:
• power generation 
• power transmission and distribution
• on roads (tunnels, etc.)

Business IT Systems

IT Related Training


Household appliances - own manufacture 
• cookers
• water heaters
• cooling, heated and neutral catering and trading cabinets
• kitchenettes
• electrical towel heaters

Household appliances under Končar brand name 
• washing machines, dryers and dishwashers
• refrigerators and freezers
• vacuum cleaners, cooking hoods, oil filled radiators and other small appliances
• air conditioners


Catering equipment 
• thermal equipment for food preparation 
• food servicing equipment
• neutral equipment
• cooled and neutral cabinets
• marine equipment
• special purpose equipment
• dishwashers


Metal structures
• transformer tanks
• isolated phase bus bar
• flexible winding mandrels
• high pressure vessels
• welded aluminium and copper conductors

• tools and molds: dimensions up to 2800 x 1400 x 1500mm, mass up to 18,000 kg
• sheet metal manufacturing tools
• die casting molds and gravity dies
• trimming tools

We are able to offer delivery of equipment to our partners and customers in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus on DDP parity.
For all inquiries and additional information, please contact us:

• JSC Autocentar – Merkur
  Marticheva 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  Telephone: + 385 1 4596 555
  Fax:            + 385 1 4596 646


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